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Changing my blog's domain name and platform (2019-03-24) New look, new domain name.

curling SPARQL (2019-02-27) A quick reference.

Querying machine learning distributional semantics with SPARQL (2019-01-20) Bringing together my two favorite kinds of semantics.

Playing with wdtaxonomy (2018-12-23) Those queries from my last blog entry? Never mind!

Extracting RDF data models from Wikidata (2018-11-20) That's "models", plural.

This is my old home page. My current one is at, and Changing my blog's domain name and platform is a blog entry about the transition.

shameless plugs

Album Gin & Heptatonic by my band The Heptatonic Jazz Quintet.

buy my books:

Latest: Learning SPARQL from O'Reilly.

XSLT Quickly from Manning Publications.

XML: The Annotated Specification from Prentice Hall. The definitive reference on the most important XML document of them all: the official XML Specification.

free "books"

Free epub children's picture books These were developed with the OLPC XO laptop in mind, but any epub-compliant eBook reader will read them.

Logo for Kids I was thinking about writing an introduction to programming for middle school kids using the Logo programming language. After writing about 90 pages and deciding not to pursue it, I've made an Acrobat file of what I did do available for anyone who can use it.

Operating Systems Handbook Wouldn't "Working knowledge of UNIX, VMS, OS/400, VM/CMS, and MVS" look great on your resume? Formerly a $49.50 hardcover from McGraw-Hill; now a set of Acrobat files free for you to download!

miscellaneous, a site I maintain

Why A directory of publicly available collections of RDF and web services that return RDF.

XSLT 2.0 articles: has a complete list of my Transforming XML columns about XSLT; for people interested in learning about XSLT 2.0, I've created a separate list showing just the articles covering the new features and other issues.

Some feedback.

Microdata tests: Potrzebie Moses Schliessen Fangio