My wife Jennifer and our two daughters and I live in Ivy, Virginia, just west of Charlottesville, Virginia.

See more pictures on my flickr page, especially the family pictures page. I also have a page of panoramic pictures.

2004 Christmas card photo session (animated).

At the Albemarle Country Fair, September 5, 2004.

With Kid. All very pensive. 11/03.

Little movies! Click an image to see 7/03 Oxford playground fun.

Still pictures: click a thumbnail picture to see a bigger version.

7/03: At Edinburgh Castle and at a photography museum near it. (After that picture had been on this web page for five months, I learned of and contributed this to it. (More mirrorproject contributions: March 2004, May 2004, and July 2005.)

On a bungee-trampoline contraption in Edinburgh and at a playground in Oxford shortly after, with some image enhancements by my brother Peter, who just loves those Blue Note album covers.

4/2002: Jennifer and me at the Theremin.

Jennifer at the Theremin Bob at the Theremin

2001 pictures.

soccer picture ready for dance recital on horse in orange sweatshirt 2001 Christmas card picture

In Jeff Van Nostrand's studio with his son Parker, February 2001.

at piano Drums 1 Drums 2

Oxford, England, July of 2000.

Oxford, 7/00

(M + A) * 6

May 1999, what my brother did with a digital camera, our daughters, and Photoshop. (He's a big Mac guy.)