If metadata is data about data, then here's some handy data about metadata.

I haven't looked too hard at dojo, an open source Javascript toolkit, but on robotwisdom I found out about the Data Model Comparison Table on dojo's website. The page's multiple tables compare various dojo data model and metadata concepts with comparable concepts in RDF, XML, SQL, spreadsheets, CSV files, Google Base, Ning, and more. If you don't care about dojo and take its columns out of the table, the comparison of the remaining columns is still very interesting. I'll bet this ends up on some cubicle walls.

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OpenRecord from on January 23, 2006 2:30 AM

Bob DuCharme pointed at a data model comparison from the dojo OpenRecord project (the pitch). I'm sort of skeptical about... Read More


Handy! Could do with some updating re: RDF typing.

Edd -

Given the ambition of such a collection of charts, I figured that some of its details would be wrong. If you sent in some suggested edits, they'd be crazy not to make them.

Great find! 'Tis a bit feeble on the RDF side, but the rest just happens to be something that'll help with a write-up I'm working on - ta Bob.