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kendall Banging away on diagrams for OWL-based Integrity Constraint validation for message-passing systems (ESB, REST, etc) and datastores, etc Wed Mar 25 18:20
kendall @danbri @gothwin Pellet 2 plugin for Protege 4 will reason with SWRL rules (well, the DL-Safe subset)... I'm curious why you think not? Wed Mar 25 18:22
nickbilton Betwn, AIG, Madoff, & MTA fare hikes, I feel like we live in the Ghostbusters quote: "Mass hysteria, cats & dogs living together" Wed Mar 25 18:30
david_megginson flew #CYRO local for 30 minutes up and down the Ottawa River. Plane is running well, and my skills aren't too rusty. #flying Wed Mar 25 18:51
djia50 Dow Jones Industrial Average down 123.93 from 7710.31 at 1:51pm to 7586.38 at 2:51pm NY time, down 73.59 since today's opening. Wed Mar 25 18:52
btusdin Balisage submissions are due in one month! Wed Mar 25 18:59
ndw Test Wed Mar 25 19:06
ndw @Balisage submissions are due in one month! Wed Mar 25 19:06
nytimesworld Leading Iranian Official Ridicules Obama’s Overture Wed Mar 25 19:11
ldodds off to watch The W Wed Mar 25 19:14
ldodds off to watch The Watchmen Wed Mar 25 19:14
danbri RDF/SPARQL = layered data ... Wed Mar 25 19:19
TheOnion In Focus: Israel Agrees To Creation Of Palestinian Homeroom Wed Mar 25 19:47
TheOnion DAY 63: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak wakes suddenly at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat screaming, "Corn!" Wed Mar 25 19:47
kidehen More Clinical Trial #linkeddata from LODD: Wed Mar 25 19:49
djia50 Dow Jones Industrial Average up 74.31 from 7586.38 at 2:51pm to 7660.69 at 3:51pm NY time, up 0.72 since today's opening. Wed Mar 25 19:52
nowviskie UK project, crowdsourcing transcription/metadata collection for historical botanical collections: "herbaria@home!" Wed Mar 25 19:57
danbri "We do not believe that there exists a technical solution to the problem of anonymity in social networks." Wed Mar 25 19:59
Lifehacker FatWallet Adds Coupon Search to Save You Money with Ease Wed Mar 25 20:03
andrewsavikas RT @guykawasaki: Twitter Usage Stats in Fascinating Graph Form Wed Mar 25 20:40
gigaom So Happy Together! NBC Finds People Are “Co-Viewing” Online: Not only are more people catching up on episodes of.. Wed Mar 25 20:45
andrewsavikas RT @jonbarr: is tweeting via Kindle. @bookoven totally gets that reader attention, not content, is the real scarce resource #bnc09 Wed Mar 25 20:49
andrewsavikas ugh, tweetgrid hiccups. should've just been: RT @jonbarr: is tweeting via Kindle Wed Mar 25 20:51
djia50 Dow Jones Industrial Average up 89.12 from 7660.69 at 3:51pm to 7749.81 at 4:03pm NY time, up 89.84 since today's opening. Wed Mar 25 20:52
ndw I can't decide if there's anything I want in this MacHeist bundle. Am I being stupid? Wed Mar 25 20:54
ndw @jtauber looks awesome — too busy to try it out now, though Wed Mar 25 21:02
nytimesworld Turk Arrested Over Kurds’ Killings in ’90s Wed Mar 25 21:06
nytimesworld In Georgia, New Video Discrediting the Opposition Wed Mar 25 21:06
dckc I'm at Kuleto's Restaurant - Wed Mar 25 21:06
dckc Yum! - Photo: Wed Mar 25 21:09
timbray Someone just referred back to this 2004 piece, 47 Ways To Say “Broken”, which might provide a midafternoon smile: Wed Mar 25 21:15
timbray Mixing recursion, mixins, and a big stupid gap in the unit tests can produce some amazingly opaque stack traces. Wed Mar 25 21:33
nowviskie amused to find an empty bottle of port in the library ladies' room. Though more amusing would have been a full one, tied with a ribbon. Wed Mar 25 21:40
dajobe hmm OmniGraphSketcher $30 way to make pretty chart junk? or valuable way to diagram key information? Wed Mar 25 21:40
dckc I'm at San Francisco Hilton & Towers - Wed Mar 25 21:40