Generating XML and HTML using XQuery

What is RSS?

Reports from XML 2002

A Data Model for Strongly Typed XML

From XML-RPC to SOAP: A Migration Guide

Running Multiple XSLT Engines with Ant

Test Frameworks for W3C Technologies

Automatic Numbering, Part Two

A Python & XML Companion

Using XSLT to Assist Regression Testing

Normalizing XML, Part 2

The .NET Schema Object Model

SVG's Past and Promising Future

Getting Started with XOM

RDF Update

The XML Cover Pages

Connexions Markup Language (CNXML) Used for Modular Instructional Materials

GEDCOM XML Specification Supports XML Encoding of Genealogical Data

NYSE Market Data Group and FISD Release VRXML Schema for Billing and Reporting

Open GIS Consortium Issues RFC for Web Coverage Service Implementation Specification

US Library of Congress Releases Encoded Archival Description DTD Version 2002

UN/CEFACT ebXML Core Components Technical Specification Approved for Implementation Verification

Microsoft and IBM Publish Six New Web Services Security and Policy Specifications

W3C Publishes User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 as a Recommendation

US National Coffee Association Creates XML Schemas for Global Trade

Creative Commons Project Offers RDF-Based Licenses for Rights Expression

Sun Microsystems Contributes OpenOffice.org XML File Format Specification to TC

Workflow Management Coalition Publishes XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) Version 1.0

XML Encryption and Decryption Specifications Published as W3C Recommendations

COSCA/NACM Joint Technology Committee Adopts LegalXML Electronic Court Filing Specifications

OASIS Announces Formation of e-Gov Technical Committee

BBC News | World | UK Edition

N Korea threatens to ditch treaty

'No basis' for Iraq war now

Huge increase in US airport security

Asia on New Year alert

Paris airport bomb witness held

Dave Beckett's RDF Resource Guide

RDF Model Browser ( 2002-11-25)

ConvertToRDF ( 2002-11-07)

RDF Instance Creator (RIC) ( 2002-11-07)

BrownSauce RDF browser ( 2002-11-06)

Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit ( 2002-11-02)

Python RDFLib ( 2002-11-06)

JavaScript library support for RDF in Mozilla ( 2002-10-18)

RDF, RDF Tools, and the Content Model ( 2002-10-18)

DARPA Agent Markup Language for Services (DAML-S) ( 2002-10-11)

Jena Java Semantic Web Toolkit ( 2002-10-15)

Smart Mobs

Let there be choice: the Creative Commons ( 2002-12-30T23:01:48-08:00)

The Wireless Commons Manifesto ( 2002-12-30T10:20:16-08:00)

Tim O'Reilly on Apple's Rendezvous & Cooperation ( 2002-12-29T13:53:42-08:00)

Palm-top GPS Tourist Guides ( 2002-12-29T11:09:01-08:00)

Blast from the Past: Reputation at IBM ( 2002-12-28T17:25:22-08:00)

Act To Protect Fair Use ( 2002-12-28T14:06:35-08:00)

The Value of eBay Reputation: 7.6% of Price ( 2002-12-28T12:48:50-08:00)

50 Million Text Messages Per Day in UK ( 2002-12-28T09:30:52-08:00)

Technomad by land and sea ( 2002-12-27T23:17:56-08:00)

3rd Generation Wireless: Coming Late, Coming Slowly, But Coming! ( 2002-12-27T14:59:41-08:00)

Moblogging Resources ( 2002-12-27T11:11:14-08:00)

PDA Translates Written Signs ( 2002-12-27T10:59:06-08:00)

A code without an area ( 2002-12-26T12:07:16-08:00)

Dressed to Kill ( 2002-12-26T11:51:34-08:00)

Friendster (Beta): Social Network Web of Trust ( 2002-12-26T11:43:21-08:00)

InfoWorld: Top News

Judge halts domain reseller's tactics ( 2002-12-31T06:55+08:00)

Global Crossing founder and chairman resigns ( 2002-12-31T06:51+08:00)

Ariba to restate 2001 financial results ( 2002-12-31T06:44+08:00)

Snappy the Clam

Back in NY ( 2002-12-31T07:55:08-05:00)

Now it's snowing ( 2002-12-25T22:41:35-05:00)

Wet Christmas ( 2002-12-25T17:30:27-05:00)

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