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October 21, 2009

Hal Blaine's 1967 Psychedelic Percussion

The album is not worth repeated listenings, but the titles are so great. I added a comment listing them.

October 19, 2009

1967 Live Action Dick Tracy TV Show

May never have gotten past the pilot stage. Completely forgettable... except that the Ventures happened to do an amazing theme song for it. Clips and theme song.

October 18, 2009


White, pink, or brown, as a feed or in MP3s to download.

I was unaware of brown noise, which is not named after the color about after the guy who came up with the idea of Brownian Motion (or, as Jennifer thought I was saying when I was blaming illogical bad traffic on it, "Brownie in motion").

October 9, 2009

The Mancini Touch

Really nice second batch of Francis Wolff Blue Note pics, too.