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Scoring porn, decade by decade

Very interesting interview on FMU's blog, with sound clips. One is introduced with the phrase "I'm sure Kraftwerk aren't proud."

Two other nice quotes, from a guy who's been there:

If you took the worst genre in the history of contemporary American music (funk-disco -- narrowly edging out big-pants trance for sheer lack of imagination) and paid a group of mustachioed degenerates sixty bucks apiece to "jam" for a couple of hours so you could give your badly-lit, badly-shot, ill-conceived, glorified stag film the non-diegetic musical punch it didn't need in the first place, you'd end up with typical 70's porn music. And yes, that's exactly what happened.


80's porn music is solitary. The advent of the analog synth meant that one lonely loser could score your whole movie for you, and guess what: that's precisely what happened.