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August 27, 2008

Schoenberg's 2nd Viennese school: And, If You Act Now!

From Alex Ross's blog: a 1977 very funny "ad" for the greatest hits of "Arnie" and Webern and Berg. You vill enjoy! (It's from Cleveland in 1977, so just think of the other dissonant music with a sense of humor was in the air at the time.)

August 14, 2008

How many of those bands moving to Bridgeport know about this?

Steam's greatest hit.

From allmusic:

Suddenly, with a number one single to its credit, however, there were demands for Steam to perform, make appearances on television, and do all the other things that were usually done by groups to support a hit record -- except that there was no group. Leka put together a band...all came from Leka's hometown of Bridgeport, CT, and toured behind the single during 1970.

And what a handsome bunch:

It looks like badlipsynching.com isn't taken. Must resist urge to park it...

August 5, 2008

Link Wray, el mejor !

If you place &fmt=18 at the end of a youtube url you'll get a higher quality version of the file. Unless of course it's a video tape of a TV screen's 1978 broadcast of Link Wray. (El Mejor!)