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Music from the Third Floor

Here is the first posting at Musi c from the Third Floor:

I have a big box full of Bollywood soundtracks on LP, about 150 I think. Some are classic, some have one or two good songs on them, and some are duds. For a variety of reasons I've lost track of which are worthwhile and which can be chucked out (ie. sold). So, as much for my own sake as anyone else's, I'm going to digitalize and upload them here, on a semi-regular basis. And keep going until I've done the whole box, or otherwise been asked or told to stop by convincing parties. Such an eventuality notwithstanding, enjoy, start dancing, go mad, whatever. Comments are nice if you'd like to leave one.

He includes pictures from the movies, brief descriptions of the key information (who scored it, who's on it, which songs are any good, etc.) It's really great.