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Paul McCartney, Marie Osmond, and the avant garde

Getting caught up on WFMU's Beware of the Blog, I have many new things to post here, starting off with Paul McCartney and Marie Osmond's artsier experimental work.

McCartney: the Percy Thrillington album uses the Swingle Singers and Herbie Flowers (of both basses in "Walk on the Wild Side" fame) who is apparently interviewed for the book "The Unknown Paul McCartney: McCartney and the Avant Garde."

There is no book titled "The Unknown Marie Osmond: Osmond and the Avant Garde," and this story about her reading a Hugo Ball sound poem while co-hosting a show with Jack Palance is just too weird. Too weird as in, I assumed that it was a joke, like The Velvet Underground on Lawrence Welk, but web searches turn up stories like this that lead me to believe that it's true.