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Psychic House

I finally caught a new episode of 'Psychic House' last night. They've only been showing the episode where Max moves in and impresses everyone by the pool with his 'Open the beer bottle using only his mind' routine. I thought it was pretty cool but after a while he started to come off as a little 'showy'. Like a bartender hustling for a $5.
Anyway last night's episode was worth the wait. Somebody's messing with Dalek's peanut butter and he had a really intense breakdown. Although he blamed it on stress, he bent Moenique's cereal spoon while she was eating her grapenuts. She kept cool and did her "I see peace in the valley where the gifted use their powers for good." speech. I wish she'd come up with something else. It's getting a little over done. Alexx thought Dalek was accusing him of abusing his peanutbutter and they had a mentalist showdown. It was the first one of the season. This time it was a little different because Alexx challenged Dalek by the pool so it was kind of cool. Not sure of the result because the episode ended with them just staring at each other really intensely.
Also I'm pretty sure Reana and Chris are secretly hooking up. When he used to levitate her T-Shirt Reana would always say something sassy and storm out. But now she just giggles and uses her powers to brush Chris's bangs behind his ears. It's kind of sweet.
Gotta run. Starlett's on.


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