Growth of the linked data cloud

Or at least, the growth of Richard Cyganiak's famous diagram.

While preparing slides for the Semantic Web Overview talk I'll be giving at the beginning of the Semantic Technologies course of the Oxford XML Summer School, I was adding a few slides on Linked Data. (Leigh Dodds is presenting a more detailed class on Linked Data later in the day.) Of course I had to include a slide of Richard Cyganiak's interactive diagram of the Linked Data cloud, and as with many of my slides, I was tempted to re-use a slide from a presentation I'd given before. I found the following image in a talk I gave in February of last year:

[linked data cloud, February 2008]

I decided to be conscientious and update the image, so I went to Richard's page to get an updated version, and found this:

[linked data cloud, July 2009]

It looks like the world of linked data is growing at quite a rate! And, if you look closely, you'll see that his latest image says "As of July 2009", so I imagine that there are even more nodes to add to this image by now.

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