MOTO connects Android to an e-ink display

If I were Jeff Bezos, I'd be nervous.
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In The cheap commodity eBook reader of the future, I wrote about how I look forward to a mass-market ebook reader created from an e-ink display and an inexpensive commodity processor. The folks at MOTO have taken a very cool step in this direction by hooking up a processor running Google's Linux-based Android ( the mobile phone operating system that underlies T-Mobile's G1 phone) to an e-ink display. MOTO's announcement about it includes a short video demo.

As I suggested in a comment on their announcement, if MOTO got an ebook-reading program that understood the EPUB format running on that Android processor—which I'm sure is much simpler than the work they've already done—it would make $400 for a Kindle look even dumber than it already looks.


I've been trying to decide which e-book reader to get for my mom. I figured I would have to get her both an ebook reader and a laptop, so she could download things (now she downloads ebooks from ). Knowing that the Kindle doesn't require her to go to her computer, or even have a wireless network setup, makes my decision easy. For her needs, it is the ideal item. Thank you for this!