Command prompt as an IM session with my computer?

Cryptic abbreviations and scrolling text: not so old-fashioned after all.
[C prompt]

My daughters have always thought that the "black box" that I use so much (the command prompt shell) was hilarious. I type my cryptic little abbreviations, press Enter, and then more text goes scrolling up the window and off the top. I tell them how in the early days of PCs, and even pre-PC computers, the whole computer screen was just one big version of that window, and how before that people did the same thing with a keyboard and a printer, and the girls roll their eyes and patronizingly say "great, Dad!"

Once, after IMing with a colleague about some work-related issue, I wanted to make my thumb drive the default drive in my command window, and I accidentally sent the colleague the instant message "f:". Then I realized: the command prompt window is like IMing with your operating system. I pointed out to my daughters that one of their favorite applications had plenty in common with my command prompt window: they type their cryptic abbreviations (ROTFL!) and then wait for the response, which is text scrolling up and off the top of the window. I think their response was something along the lines of "great, Dad!"


..:: \/\/31c0/\/\3 2 l33t ohS ::..

$ d3l t.txt
OMG! r34lly d3l3t3 t.txt? y3s
w00t! i p0wn'd t.txt!

$ ct4 stdout.log
n00b. wahts ct4

$ c4t l0lkatz.l0g
i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr? i c4n haz ch33zb3rgr?


Isn't it funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same? What amazes me is how much eye-candy we have at our disposal these days and yet by our very nature the primary thing we have interest in our the tools that enable the ability to communicate with one another using the most basic of all interfaces...

A command prompt. :)

Great story! :D