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Come join the Oxfordshire Semantic Web Interest Group

Rescheduling their meeting to accommodate the XML Summer School.

Eamonn Neylon has kindly moved the monthly meeting of the Oxfordshire Semantic Web Interest Group to later in the month than usual so that people who are in Oxford for the XML Summer School can attend. To make it even easier for them, the meeting will be at Wadham College, where the rest of the summer school takes place.

Instead of one presenter, there will be a series of lightning talks, and he's encouraging people to contact him at [his first name]@xmlopen.org if they'd like to do one of the talks. I'm not sure what I'll speak about, but I'll think of something.

Even if you've never been to an Oxon SWIG meting and you're not taking part in the summer school, if you're in the Oxford area and interested in semweb work please come by. I'm looking forward to the chance to meet people who've been just names (and perhaps weblogs) to me so far. So come on by and speak or listen or hang out!


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Thanks for the reminder. The conjunction of so many geeks is just too good to miss!