Tutorial half-day added to Semantic Web Strategies conference

A chance to learn about the semantic web from the ground up.
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I'm happy to announce that we're adding a half-day of tutorials the day before the Semantic Web Strategies speaker sessions begin on October 1st. (I wrote more about this conference in a recent posting.) This will give people who are just starting to check out the world of the semantic web a chance to get some basic background in it before hearing about the various projects that will be discussed during the conference proper. It will also give people who are experienced at giving classes in this material a chance to make some money!

Contact me if you're interested in giving one of the classes on September 30th. And of course, please submit a proposal for a talk to give during the conference about where semantic web technology fits into your organization's past, present, or future work.


Hi Bob,

my name is Andreas and I´m a co-founder of Austria based "Semantic Web School". We´re an experienced team in giving tutorials on different aspects of the semantic web. We started our business in 2004 and have introduced since that time around 150 people from different industries, different countries and organisations like Sun Microsystems, Siemens or Sony into the semantic web.

So we can give a perfect overview over goals, strategies, use-cases and of course also technologies in the semantic web. In our tutorial we would like to address business needs as well as technological aspects.

We are an independent organisation in a network of experts from well known software providers as well as universities.

We would like to offer you a half day tutorial with the title "Semantic Web for CEOs and CTOs in a nutshell".

Best regards!