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Instant tech marketing copy

Monetize scalable supply-chains! Integrate granular users! Reintermediate 24/7 interfaces!

['On Bullshit' cover]

I've been cleaning up my Firefox bookmarks and moving some to del.icio.us. (While reading an article somewhere, my wife recently asked me if I'd heard of del.icio.us, and after a quick check of the date on my first bookmark there, I could say "member since 2004!") Revisiting some of my Firefox bookmarks reminded me of several funny sites out there such as dack.com's web economy bullshit generator. Each click of the "make bullshit" button creates a new three-word marketing phrase: Strategize collaborative infomediaries! Repurpose B2C systems!

My bookmark file says that I bookmarked it in Firefox in 2000. I find that difficult to believe, because it's so up-to-date, but words like "vortals" do reveal its age a bit. It simply picks a random word from each of three columns, so there's no fancy coding going on, but the generated phrases are frighteningly realistic. Using it, you can matrix leading-edge relationships! Brand collaborative technologies!

If it was provided as a web service, it would be useful for an application that generated an automated business plan: "Our product will let our customers transition back-end e-commerce in order to harness extensible content. As we synergize B2C initiatives, we'll begin to syndicate scalable platforms". (For one final smile before I posted this entry, a spellcheck of it only flagged Dack-generated buzzwords: infomediaries, Reintermediate, Repurpose, Strategize, synergize, and vortals.)


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