Great survey of RDF/web development tools

For both reading and writing RDF.

Lee Feigenbaum's recent posting Using RDF on the Web: A Survey is worth reading for anyone considering any kind of RDF development work, web-based or otherwise. At first, I thought that he was limiting himself by requiring that applications and tools be capable of both reading and writing RDF data, but after reading his list, I'm glad he did. I also found the wide choice of JSON-related systems to be interesting—they could lead the way to something that definitively answers the question "_________ is to RDF/XML as XML is to SGML." I like n3, but at this point more RDF/XML alternatives built into working applications will give us all a broader perspective on what works best.

I know I'll be re-reading Lee's post each time I'm considering the development of an RDF-based application. I hope he moves it to a non-weblog page where he keeps it updated over time, because this kind of information evolves quickly.