Quaint, old-world Europe

A glimpse of some old technology that's still often useful.

Gran Via is one of Madrid's main streets, and while walking through the rain looking for its Museum of Ham (Madrid has six of these diner-like "museums", and I'd already been to two that day, but neither had the gift shop with the crucial Museo del Jamon schwag) I passed this place:

[Madrid sign advertising telnet]

It looked like a video game arcade, but their advertisement that you could come in and telnet warmed my heart. I've pushed telnet to places it shouldn't really go for fun and profit, and the ability of this lightweight, thirty-seven-year-old program to poke around into odd places is part of its appeal, even in a time when you rarely need to go far to find wi-fi access for all of your twenty-first century web applications. A lit-up sign on a main street of one of the world's great cities is definitely one of these odd places.