Corrections to "XML: The Annotated Specification"

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pg 95 Example 2.19 would more accurately be


because of the way that VersionNum is quoted in [24].

pg 100 I mistakenly referred to an XML Declaration as a Processing Instruction on page 100, but production [17] shows that that the PITarget in production [16] that begins the PI can not have the string "XML" in it.

pg 150 "The second sentence of that specification paragraph requires the content model to be 'deterministic'." It's only required for compatibility with SGML. Appendix E expands on this.

pg 202 "In that case, the XML processor treats the cals.dtd system identifier as though it were actually" That URI should read

60, 61, 101, 243, and 287 Empty Quotes ("") Should Say "Grammars, Productions and Computer Languages" (Kenji Shirane, the book's Japanese translator, caught this one.)