My involvement with SGML and XML:

  • I was the XML Correspondent for <TAG>, writing their "XML Beat" column from December 1997 to the end of 1999. The full text of articles more than a year old and abstracts of those less than a year old are available online.

  • published my article "Links That Are More Valuable Than the Information They Link?" in their July 1998 issue.

  • [SGML CD book cover]
  • I wrote SGML CD, a tutorial and users' guide to free SGML software that includes a CD of the software covered. The book was published by Prentice Hall PTR; the chapter on Jade and DSSSL was serialized in the May - July 1997 issues of <TAG>: the SGML Newsletter, and you can download an Acrobat version of the complete Emacs/PSGML chapter from the book's web page.

  • At XML '99 I gave a talk titled XLink and Publishing Opportunities.

  • At SGML/XML '97, I gave a talk titled "Making Architectural Forms Work for You: Architectural Forms without HyTime."

  • As a "consulting author," I wrote material on SDKs and free software in Prentice Hall's "SGML Buyer's Guide."

  • [QUE book cover]
  • I wrote the "Object-Oriented Development of SGML Applications" chapter in Que publishing's "Special Edition: Using SGML." (It's no longer available online.)

  • At my job, I do Omnimark development work to turn SGML data into many other formats.

  • I used to maintain a web page of databases claiming to support SGML. It's very out of date at this point; I recommend Ronald Bourret's more recent XML and Databases.

  • At the SGML '95 conference in Boston, I presented a talk based on the paper entitled "Object-Oriented Development of SGML Applications" that I did as part of my masters degree program at NYU. The conference paper accompanying the presentation was cited in the SGML Technologies Group paper Object Orientation and SGML: LINK Revealed and several papers at subsequent conferences.

  • Because I've been using the outline mode of the Emacs text editor so much, I wrote a little perl script to convert Emacs outline files to SGML files that conform to the DocBook DTD so that I could quickly create nicely formatted versions using Jade and a DocBook DSSSL spec. If you want it, download or ol2dbvl.tar.gz.

Good Introductions to XML

xmlinfo's newcomers page has many good references.

The SGML/XML Web Page is the ultimate reference on all that's available in the world of XML and SGML. (Note that it's searchable.)

Good Introductions to SGML

Start with the SGML FAQ, which is very short. The Text Encoding Initiative's Gentle Introduction to SGML (a 77K text file--also available in Russian!) is also very good.

Not the SGML FAQ

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