The one work for a fine artist, the one painting, is the painting of the one-size canvas--the single scheme, one formal device, one color-monochrome, one linear division in each direction, one symmetry, one texture, one free-hand brushing, one rhythm, one working everything into one dissolution and one indivisibility, each painting into one overall uniformity and non-regularity. No lines or imaginings, no shapes or composings or representings, no visions or sensations or impulses, no symbols or signs or impastos, no decoratings or colorings or picturings, no pleasures or pains, no accidents or ready-mades, no things, no ideas, no relations, no attributes, no qualities--nothing that is not of the essence. Everything into irreducibility, unreproducibility, imperceptibility. Nothing "usable," "manipulatable," "salable," "dealable," "collectible," "graspable." No art as a commodity or a jobbery. Art is not the spiritual side of business.

from "ART AS ART" in Art International (Lugano) 1962.

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