Well, there's no question I've been taking an anti-romantic point of view. I can't imagine texture not being a primitive, decadent, or obvious quality today. Texture is isolated in curricula in all art schools now and is made something that anybody can do or make, especially the most accidental and irrational, or something that happens of its own accord. This is enough to exclude it from serious art activity. How many photographers take pictures of demolished houses, peeled-off walls, and marked-up sidewalks?

Someone once asked me about color and I sued the occasion to mention the number of times and places in art where color was excluded--Chinese monochrome painting, analytic cubism, Picasso's Guernica, etc. There is something wrong, irresponsible, and mindless about color, something impossible to control. Control and rationality are part of any morality.

from ON ART AND MORALITY in "The Philadelphia Panel," It Is, Spring 1960.

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